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NRA FUD - "Game to be different"
The official Decoy of the NRA
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Decoys purpose designed to fool game birds in the field to die, not hunters in the store to buy.

The FUD stands for "Fold Up Decoy". This is a product that replaces all other decoy styles being the first ever multi-posture, UV reflective, use-anywhere true magnum decoy. One that has been purpose designed to deliver dozens of field features not found in old-fashion blow molded decoys.

The market disruptive nature of FUD technology is now widely recognized as the most cost-effective decoy purchase decision for price-conscious consumers. But sadly in a world where the rules of fair play are not always followed in 2009 and 2010 NRA FUD fell victim to US threats by individuals targeting the trade accounts, contacts, and momentum of NRA FUD and FUD technology for themselves.

As warned back then steps are now being taken to hold such fraudsters to account while eliminating their legacies protecting the many valued partners and supporters of FUD technology worldwide. Likewise steps are being taken to protect and defend the future of this technology in decoys, targets, manikins, while also protecting the many other products coming from the FUD's unique sources of supply.

With a restructure now underway to build FUD technology a much stronger future all enquiries worldwide should be directed as follows:

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